Episode 3: The Last Dance, Cutler's Divorce, Horses!, and NCAA Hypocrisy

Today, we're talking horses, Jay Cutler's divorce, The Last Dance, and the grandstanding pig people of the NCAA. A thriller!
0:00: Intro. Music, pitches, all the excitement you know and love from intros past and present.

2:20: Apocalypse Sports Trivia. Recognizing last week's champ, asking the new question.

4:28: Spike's Takes returns. This time, Spike is on his yacht in Guam, going through a nasty divorce, and he has some thoughts on Jay Cutler's divorce.

13:53: Horse Chatz, with Miles Cottom. Horse racing is one of the few sports that's actually happening right now, and I have one question for in-house equine expert Miles: Why? And how do I gamble on it? Everything you want to know about Covid-Era horsery.

23:22: Brandon Gardner and I talk about Michael Jordan and Sunday night's episodes of The Last Dance. Gambling, first retirement, the Dream Team, a total absence of politics in Jordan's worldview, and more.

50:20: I rant about the NCAA for a few minutes.

56:00: Da end.